Providing Insight & Quality for Interior and Exterior Accomplishment

When simultaneously considering ways we are able to become more established, while leaving things better than we found them, the smallest of details make up the difference. Vintage Valley LLC has become known for our ability to transition from period correct interior functionality, to infinity edge exterior landscape establishment.

Interior Work

*Restoration of Existing

*Craftsman Carpentry

*Paint & Finish

*Period Lighting

*Furnishing & Staging

*Plantings for Air Quality

Exterior Work

*Terracing & Ledgework

*Stone and Brick Masonry

*Automated Irrigation

*Mosaic Flagstone Surfaces

*Water Features

*Seasonal & Holiday Display

Signature Elements

Some of the greatest restored pieces, in contrast, now become heirloom for home and office. The clean modern backdrops of stainless and glass only serve to further illuminate the patina of the decades. From lucky green Jadeite to blue Mason and all spectrum of oxidized Copper, we embrace tried and true mediums that time has validated. Aged and new are able to merry in a unity of form and function.

Multiple indigenous stone types are available for terracing, ledge building and masonry aspirations. These include Glacier Granite, River Blue, Quartz and Basalt. Slabs and flags of stone are also available in a variety of colors. The local quality of these geological salvages lends to ancient and timeless quality throughout. Native stone gives us the means to beautifully provide foundation in a sloped mountainous environment.

Our vast region gives us new and sustainable resources for beauty every day. Driftwood and forest salvage collections allow us to bring nature’s highlights into front and center. These organic seasoned displays also give us the opportunity to rely more on form and texture than short lived blooms. The best sights of a hike can now be encompassed into our daily lives and the results are one of a kind.