Landscape Design

Every space rich with function and beauty begins with a comprehensive design. Our approach marries natural and sustainable, enabling people to connect with nature while still allowing time for busy schedules.


The foundation for healthy lawns and plants begins with an expertly designed and installed irrigation systems. Our systems are backed by broad technical knowledge and skilled installers. We strive to utilize durable, quality products that are up-to-date with current technology.


  • Plant procurement. Call us if there is something special you're looking for.

  • Plant design services. We can help you choose and situate your plant palette.

Native Landscaping

Native landscapes often incorporate site appropriate native plant communities, special installation techniques, and water wise irrigation systems. Native landscapes are a good choice for those looking to achieve a more 'natural' feel, to conserve resources, or even to create habitat or attract pollinators. Extensive knowledge in native plant identification, habitat, and cultural requirements sets our company apart from other traditional landscape installers.


Custom designed patios provide an elegant space for entertaining, visiting and relaxing. Our style tends toward natural stone and paver mediums that are durable, functional and aesthetically beautiful.

Signature Elements


Integrating the fire element into an outdoor space creates an inviting atmosphere. A fire pit is a place for gathering, relaxing, and truly enjoying the company of family and friends. Fire pit options include wood burning, propane, and dual fuel. Fire pits can be constructed from a variety of materials including stone, concrete, and steel.

Garden Spaces

The popularity of home vegetable gardening is on the rise and raised garden beds are becoming a common theme in the landscape. When thoughtfully designed, vegetable gardens can provide a functional and visually stunning element to the landscape. 

Steps and pathways

A functional and beautiful focal point in the landscape, steps can be crafted from a variety of materials. Materials range from steel to timbers and stone. Much like steps, pathways deliver both beauty and function. A well placed and finely constructed pathway also creates an element of discovery in an outdoor space. Leading gently and meandering through rocks and plants, paths are a integral element in landscape design.


Although a functional element of a landscape, a well crafted rock wall can also serve as an attractive focal point. We have a variety of locally and regionally procured materials to choose from.

Water Features

The sound and movement of water elevates an outdoor space to a place of reflection and tranquility. When adding a water element to the landscape, options are limitless. Many of our creations include ponds and meandering streams, while others include pondless water features.