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Alpensee Strasse

This home is located in the Alpensee Strasse neighborhood of Leavenworth. It is an amazing area of Leavenworth town.

Water features in both the front and backyard make this in-town residence one of a kind. Balancing and grounding the water features is custom stonework. Using large more rounded pieces in the front yard creates a natural boundary between the road and the lawn. The indigenous flat stones create a permanent and natural boundary for planting beds, as well as walkways.

Poison free grounds-keeping allows for ease of care and prevents problem growth from occurring. We always, always, always, have an eye toward long-term maintenance and ease of care.

The silver lawn edging package defines the edge of the lawn and streamlines mowing services. This lawn edging is a product and set up unique to Vintage Valley and something we believe sets us apart from the pack. Notice the amazing piece of granite in the back yard? It’s a favorite of visiting children.

What an amazing time of year to capture this property, if only for the backyard maple going off in a blaze of glory and leaves dropping so perfectly in and around the pond that only Mother Nature could have placed them. While this property has all the hallmarks of a Vintage Valley install, there is an added humility, an added sweetness. It is a reflection of the warmth and hospitality of the owners. What a joy.

Photographs & Portfolio by Harmening Marketing Solutions, LLC


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