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Alpensee Strasse

Updated: Mar 1

This home is located in the Alpensee Strasse neighborhood of Leavenworth. It is an amazing area of Leavenworth town.

Water features in both the front and backyard make this in-town residence one of a kind. Balancing and grounding the water features is custom stonework. Using large more rounded pieces in the front yard creates a natural boundary between the road and the lawn. The indigenous flat stones create a permanent and natural boundary for planting beds, as well as walkways.

Poison free grounds-keeping allows for ease of care and prevents problem growth from occurring. We always, always, always, have an eye toward long-term maintenance and ease of care.

The silver lawn edging package defines the edge of the lawn and streamlines mowing services. This lawn edging is a product and set up unique to Vintage Valley and something we believe sets us apart from the pack. Notice the amazing piece of granite in the back yard? It’s a favorite of visiting children.

What an amazing time of year to capture this property, if only for the backyard maple going off in a blaze of glory and leaves dropping so perfectly in and around the pond that only Mother Nature could have placed them. While this property has all the hallmarks of a Vintage Valley install, there is an added humility, an added sweetness. It is a reflection of the warmth and hospitality of the owners. What a joy.

Photographs & Portfolio by Harmening Marketing Solutions, LLC

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