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Bavarian Lodge

This is where it all started for Vintage Valley. Our very first client is still with us, and for that, we are truly grateful! This project (and my business, I suppose) started out of desperation. Bavarian Lodge lost its landscape company in the middle of install and needed help. Matt Shaw to the rescue! And Vintage Valley, LLC, Leavenworth Landscaping extraordinaire was born. I guess it was meant to be. ;)

But enough reminiscing...

If you have driven through Leavenworth, you have seen this spot. It may look familiar. We love having our hands in this piece of real estate. It’s an honor we take very seriously.

It’s a bit more of a challenge to implement our philosophy of infinite arcs and blending “man-made to wild” in narrow rectangular strips hemmed in by sidewalks and parking lots, but we have done what we can to bring the rugged wilderness back to downtown Leavenworth with this property. To achieve this effect, we placed several salvaged granite pieces sourced locally. Layered atop these pieces of wilderness are heirloom perennial blooming gardens and creeping thyme beds. The oak barrel flowering selections marry the Northwest with Bavaria and bring Germany into the mix. Lastly, Vintage Valley installed the cobblestone pavers for foot access and utilities.

We have a vested interest in roots, and this project is the taproot of our business.

Thanks, Bavarian Lodge!


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