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Cashmere Centennial

We usually don’t venture down the Wenatchee Valley as far as Cashmere—but there is always an exception.

Free History Lesson Alert: Cashmere was named after the Vale of Kashmir in India. The town was originally called “Mission” along with half a dozen or so other towns in Washington at the time. The change happened when a large amount of building supplies was sent to the wrong “Mission” and the townspeople got fed up. There is a great book about the history of this town recently released, which you can find here.

This cottage home is absolutely normative for Cashmere town. It often feels like a trip down memory lane to a simpler time when I drive through. It was a real pleasure to take this property and give it the “Vintage Valley” treatment, as the juxtaposition between it and the neighboring homes, in the end, was very satisfying for myself and the property owner.

Upon approaching the home, our first task was to “blunt” the sharp corners of the property using our Infinite Arc approach. This allows the eye to move past the initial threshold from the street, up the hand-cut mosaic stone entrance path (with polymer finish), and continue toward the entrance of the home. Doesn’t that front porch have just the right touch? See the balance created by using the same stone for the inner and outer ring of planting beds? Notice the ornamental fruit tree in front of the house? With a little luck, that will block the pesky street light across the road.

The back of this home is where the real magic is. The elevated back entry trail gave us a vertical canvas to work with that is very rare in our business. We took full advantage. Just look at this little oasis! The perfect circle of lawn surrounded by light-colored stone gives the impression of a zen garden. Sunset Hyssop and Purple Salvia remain vivid against an ornamental bunch grass canvas and zen classic craftsmanship.


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