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Fox Hollow

Look at this spectacular log cabin. This new installation includes many of our proprietary offerings. One of the most exciting being an installation for an automatic robotic mowing system. Essentially, a Roomba for your lawn.

In addition, this property utilizes our Tri-Care lawn feeding and earth sealing regimen—essentially birth control for the soil. If maintained properly, weeds cannot and do not germinate. Give us a call for more info on these services. These harken to our overall philosophy of thinking forward toward maintenance, minimizing it as much as humanly possible.

Our Infinity Arcs are certainly in full effect as we see full circles and circles within circles. Custom stonework walkways, ornamental grasses, and mixes of deciduous and evergreen trees blend this property in perfectly with its surroundings, allowing the eye to travel outward toward the Enchantments effortlessly.


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