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Icicle Island

Icicle Island is a special property for us. Just look at it! The amazing lushness is rare in this area. We’ve been honored to care for this property since 2007.

The fantastic pool and natural large rock features behind it are something to marvel at. Significant flagstone benches surround the pool. Thyme creeps between the native stones inset in the lawn. Succulents swell amongst the larger stones and in the planting beds. Splashes of color burst from hanging flower arrangements.

Heading past the pool and the main house takes us down to the gorgeous Icicle River and this property’s ample private beach. We have worked hard to restore this natural beach with sand matching the original, as well as stone retention walls ensuring all that great sand stays put.

With the custom iron gate and the 3 perfectly placed red chairs, these property owners have a sense of style we can appreciate. Our signature style of infinite arcs and spreading from man-made to wild had to be adjusted for this project due to the unique nature of the space, but we certainly don’t mind adapting to nature. That’s all part of the fun.


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