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Infinity Ranch



We captured photos of this property in mid-process, giving a “behind-the-scenes” look at some of the things we do here at Vintage Valley. We want to give a quick “shoutout” to Waters’ Excavation for their help on this property. We look forward to adding photos of the finished product, hopefully, this Spring.

This property owner is someone near and dear to our organization, and we wanted to take special care of this space.

Notice the Infinity Edge Bluegrass envelopment with a large stone boundary? The half-moon shapes of the landings? Couple that with the bronze edge boundary and it is immediately apparent that this is a Vintage Valley install.

The Copper rain chain lends a firm foreground point of visual interest to the property’s approach. Heirloom Hydrangeas and Terra Cotta contained gardens peel off to the right.

As of the time of these photos being taken, the silver-colored stonework for the walkways was nearing completion. An amalgam of flat and round stones breaks up the boundary between the walkway and the Terra Cotta pots. The whole space is quite representative of our overall style—classic European, modern Northwest, and timeless Zen fusion.


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