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Leavenworth Lodge

Leavenworth Lodge is a dedicated vacation rental located between Peshastin and Leavenworth. It is just west of Smallwood’s Harvest and below and north of Silvara Sellars.

We here at Vintage Valley were honored to have our bid selected to establish a bit of “Earth Art” here. Our usual approach of infinite arcs was suspended in here in favor of a more equestrian or agrarian feel.

The most noticeable feature of this property is the Vintage Valley-designed and installed rail fencing and very large lawn. With our constant commitment to lowering the burden of maintenance, the entire property—lawn included—is on a fully automated irrigation system.

Second on the list of noticeable features is the basalt stonework. We chose this material to match the masonry columns of the lodge itself and to add a 3-Dimensional appeal to the planting beds.

We personally love how close the orchards are and the placement of the vintage wind machines in the background.


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