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Quartz Craftsman

This Craftsmen style bungalow, located up Highway 2 in Tumwater Canyon, incorporates significant forest FireWise management and clearing.

We replaced the removed under-canopy of the forest with crushed quarts paths, organic mulch beds, and our no-mow “shire” grass (as we are fond of calling it). White Quartz alignments throughout give this property its nickname.

Significant plantings of Ornamental Feather Reed Grasses, Deer Resistant Moon Glow Junipers, Sunset Hyssop, Angel Wing Hostas, and an amazing Aspen Micro-Grove give this property significant visual variety and will only expand over the years. Last but not least we would like to point out the custom-cut-and-placed mosaic flagstone fire pit out by the backyard.

The cumulative effect of the forest clearing and intentional placement and tending of the space gives this whole zone a feeling of some deep forest oasis. A place of refuge and respite, tucked into the wilderness, but still warm, safe, and kind.

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