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River Bend

This Leavenworth Landscaping project has some unique features. Not the least of which is the elevation change between the front and back of the house.

Starting from the approach, a large granite boulder alignment provides a raised entry bed next to driveway with Ornamental Grasses, perennial vegetation, and Sunset Hyssop specimens. A custom cement walking path, replete with our signature curves, is overhung with Tiger’s Eye Sumac and more Ornamental Grasses, all of which is contained within a front yard minimalist fence built by Vintage Valley. A very large stone slab staircase leads from the entry down the side of the house to the deck overlooking the Wenatchee River. Custom river rock/granite fire pit. There is also a large boulder alignment along the property boundary on south side of house.

We love working within earshot of the river. It adds a lot of tranquility and calm to the worksite.


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