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River Ridge

We have had the honor of working on some amazing properties. This one is particularly spectacular.

The expansive lawns, lined with our Infinity Edge aircraft grade aluminum edging, are interspersed with mature evergreens and gives a park-like feel. Planting beds weave along the edge of the lawn to provide a balance of negative space and are filled with Big Leaf Blue Hostas, Coral Bell collections, H.M Eddie Yew, Ponderosa Pine, Moon Glow Juniper and Indigenous Service Berry.

An amazing collection of copper pot-contained gardens stretch along the entry like some stunning necklace with jewels of Purple Fountain Grasses, Roses, Purple Cushion-Mums, and Feather Reed Grasses.

Given the task of marrying the very rigid hardscape toward the back of the house into nature proved to be enjoyable. A collection of hostas resides alongside existing arborvitae.

As far as maintenance goes, we provide turf control, lawn maintenance, and groundskeeping.


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