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River's Echo

This turn of the century Leavenworth home is within earshot of the Wenatchee River.

Established levels of stone retentions give River's Echo incredible foundational value. Like so many older homes in the area, the footings are cast in original granite masonry. For the appropriate follow through, the same type of stone was used throughout the landscape.

This landing is also home to one of the oldest Oak trees in Leavenworth. Sustainable arbor work has only served to strengthen this monarch’s shady realm. Layers for this multi-dimensional wedding lawn landscape are delineated by classic Cedar Grape-Stake Fencing.

Stone staircases provide access to the river below and cobblestone pavers provide a patio and access to the back of the property. All lawns are defined in our bright silver edging package for ease of maintenance and to keep the bluegrass in shape. Extensive use of ground covers include step-able fragrant thyme beds and succulents.


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