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Snow Creek

I nick-named this property “Snow Creek” because of its unique access to the Icicle Creek, which is blanketed in snow 6+ months per year. But, I had a close runner-up name, because I often think, as I make the winding journey out to this property, that I’m “heading out to ‘World’s End’”. I think this not only because it is located many miles outside of the beautiful Bavarian-themed village of Leavenworth, WA, and nestled on the floor of the Icicle Gorge, but because it is the last home I care for up the Icicle, and, most importantly, I could easily see myself leaving the modern world behind and being quite content living a simple and secluded life out here, like Whitman or Longfellow. A life of serene contemplation in communion with nature.

I try to maintain this mindset whenever I add or remove anything from this property as a dream we hope to help fulfill for this property owner. That is part of our approach. Here at Vintage Valley, we attempt to blur the line between nurture and nature, between house and environment. By avoiding square corners, allowing lines to arc to infinity, and by gradually moving from man-made containment closer into a home, outward to wild, native plantings farther away, we give the eye, the mind, and the body, the ability to transition gradually.

We first had the opportunity to tend this space in 2008. Since then, we have utilized Firewise forestry integration and our proprietary Pre-emergent refinement regiment to help seal this remote location in its minimalist and indigenous forms. Our local partner, Rayfield Brother’s, provided excavation and infrastructure.

Our current set of photos was taken in the fall, which is always gorgeous. But, we are very excited to add pictures of the spring, when the fecundity of the wild blooms, leaves, and shoots will lend to a delightful graphical experience. We love this land. It is a joy each time we visit her.

Photographs & Portfolio by Harmening Marketing Solutions, LLC


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